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Hot Body Clubhouse Contact Info
1960 Pontius Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90025
(310) 258-6200
Someone is here to help you Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

For fast Customer Assistance visit our new My Account Customer Assistance page.
In most cases you will be able to resolve most issues with this tool.

Clubhouse FAQ - For questions about the Hot Body Clubhouse, first read our FAQ.
Mailing List - Fill out our form to be placed on Hot Body's mailing list and you'll receive our catalog via regular mail.
Change of address notification may be emailed to videos@hotbody.com. Be sure to include your former address along with the new information, and put the words "CHANGE OF ADDRESS" in the subject line.
support@hotbody.com - Can't find your answer in the FAQ? For Clubhouse subscription information, technical difficulties, general help or questions, email Hot Body Support.
Problems with membership access - If you are experiencing problems with your membership access, are getting "forbidden" or "don't have permission to access" error messages, please contact support@hotbody.com.
Hot Body Model Search - Do you know any beautiful women that would love to become Hot Body Models? Fill out our Model Search form and send it in with all the necessary materials to our illustrious leader and producer John Cross.   If we decide to use the model in any of our videos, then you will receive a $50.00 referral fee, one week after video completion!
Anyone wishing to contact Hot Body President John Cross with business related proposals, potential model correspondence, and programming suggestions, may email john@hotbody.com
Model Fan Mail - Drop a line to your favorite Hot Body Model.
videos@hotbody.com - Please forward all general comments, inquiries and feedback here.  Let us know how we're doing, how we can improve the Clubhouse, and how much you love us. (Hey, we have egos too!)
Hot Body photographer Craig X. Sotres welcomes your questions / suggestions, whether technical or artistic, regarding his work. You can reach him at craig@hotbody.com
Broken links or missing graphics on the web site?  Email the web page details to our support@hotbody.com.
To cancel your Hot Body Clubhouse membership, please complete the cancellation form.
It is very important that you send your question or comments to the appropriate email address for a timely response; failure to do so will only delay your response. Please remember we receive hundreds of emails a day and sometimes it's impossible to answer each and every one. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

All photos, images and video clips including the Hot Body name and logo are the sole property of Hot Body International and/or Craig X. Sotres Copyright© 1989 through 2015, and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of Hot Body International and it's affiliates. Violators are subject to prosecution. All Rights Reserved.