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If you perhaps forgot why you joined the Hot Body Clubhouse in the first place (and if you’ve still got two functioning eyes in your head, I find that hard to believe), here’s a reminder. As members you are privy to our DVD Special Offers that provide hours of unrelenting viewing designed to accommodate that perennial male pastime, sitting on the couch with the remote in one hand and your other hand free to... well, I’m not going to spell it out for you.

Here’s what’s up in lieu of your continued membership, plus $9.95:

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Bad Girls
Wet T-Shirt Contest

Sexy World:
Cabo San Lucas

Wet T-Shirt Party
Sexy Sports Special: You’ve got a front row seat as our gifted Hot Body models give and show their all in the spirit of friendly competition. If Tabitha Stern, Ariel, Cory Lane, Mica, Lisa Lin, Brittany Love, Sasha Michaels, Antoinette, River Donovan, Avalon Anders and Roxanne Galla don’t have you pulling a muscle while viewing, watch it again.
Bad Girls Wet T-Shirt Contest: Getting 7 gorgeous babes to don t-shirts, get them soaking wet, remove the dripping garments and then spend the day playing backyard games in the buff doesn’t necessarily make these girls bad, but there’s a reason we didn’t call this show The Goody Two-Shoes Back Yard Picnic. The exquisite lineup features: Rita G., Tereza Ilova, Ashley Roberts, Catalina Cruz, Ananda Saint James, Monique Alexander and Jelena Jensen.
Sexy World: Cabo San Lucas: When Hot Body ventured south of the border to the exotic city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we took some of our favorite models with us and met some others while there. You’ll enjoy all that Cabo has to offer plus the sight of our girls constantly striving for that “all over tan”... even at night! Gina Lynn, Kitten Marie, Rebecca, Carly, Gina, Monique Myers, Wendy Davidson and Roxxanne are a few of the girls you’ll be seeing a lot of as you watch. This show is an essential companion piece to the Extreme Wet T-Shirt Party.
Extreme Wet T-Shirt Party: Here it is, the contest that turned the sleepy little coastal town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico into the exciting vacation destination it is today... Okay, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, Cabo has never had the rep of being that sleepy. The nine contestants in this no holds barred competition include: Kitten Marie, Rebecca, Wendy Davidson, Roxxanne, Stacy, Gina Lynn, Carly Mathews, Gia and Carly.
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