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Hot Body 25th Anniversary Celebration
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Once again our continuing magnanimity manifests itself in another bountiful deal available to you, the esteemed Hot Body Clubhouse membership. For the exclusive price of just $9.95, you can lay your hands on, and let your eyes roam all over, the explicit contents of four, count ‘em four, Hot Body DVDs! It doesn’t get much better than that... at least not on this website. So, for those of you prescient enough to have joined the hallowed ranks of Clubhouse membership, to you go the spoils... so to speak. Here are the four DVDs that are part of this prodigious package... if you’ll pardon the expression:

Micro Miniskirts
& Less

Beverly Hills
Short Shorts Contest

Naked Lingerie
Dream Models

Maximum Exposure
Micro Miniskirts & Less: It’s a very fine line between what constitutes wearing clothing and being naked in this show. No hemline is too short, and no garment overstays its welcome, as ten stunning Hot Body models undress for success. Sydney Moon, Susanna Snyder, Jasmine, Tyler Lynn, Alex, Brook Bradford, Kali, Carolyn Monroe, Cassandra Knight and Victoria Knight all go from the smallest skirts imaginable to maximum uncoverage.
Beverly Hills Short Shorts Contest: Short shorts, hot pants, bun huggers, whatever you want to call them, all the girls in this contest fill them out quite nicely and then end up taking them off, so don’t get too attached to your favorite pair. The “short” list of competitors includes: Eden, Debi, Andrea (Holly Sampson), Renee Ryan, Karissa, Liz Leighton, Tanya Danielle and Bambi.
Naked Lingerie Dream Models: After viewing this monumental Hot Body production, you may very well have reason to call it Naked Lingerie Wet Dream Models, it’s just that “mammorable”. The spectacular triple exposure of lingerie clad Mason Marconi on the cover just hints at what’s in store. Joining Mason in this scintillating extravaganza are: Julie Kyle, McKenna, Sophie Evans, Tiffany Holliday, Erica, Kathryn Lee and Jeanie Rivers.
Maximum Exposure Contest: We traveled north to the wilds of Eugene, Oregon, noted for its preponderance of wild beaver, to shoot this Hot Body Contest. Crystal, Kate, River, Kalani, Tristen, Sugaree, Brandee, Mariah, Karyn, Ashlee, Mallory Knoxx, Carson and Faith are the cream of the local crop of strip club dancers who display all they have to offer.
Clubhouse Membership is an Uplifting Experience!