Rogelio has been working with Hot Body International since 1996. He initially started out in the lighting and grip department and has steadily worked his way up in the company, basically following the path of least resistance. The most common phrase directed at Rogelio from his years in lighting was "why is it so dark in here?" Raised in San Francisco, Rogelio learned at an early age to be helpful, especially when someone dropped the soap in the communal shower. Always smitten with showbiz, Rogelio moved to Los Angeles and got his first break when he was hired to be Johnny Bench’s stunt double during the filming of some Krylon Paint commercials in the 1980's. Due to an allergic reaction to moist towelettes, Rogelio paralyzed the whole left side of his body.....well....he’s all right now..... but has since left stunt work.
For the past few years Rogelio has been an assistant to Hot Body photographer, *Craig X. Sotres ©, who thinks there is some potential there........ just for what, is the question. Rogelio has become quite adept at using a super-telephoto lens because most models won’t even come on the set if they know he’s working. As an incidental benefit, a lot of people gain a new found appreciation for their drivers license photo after viewing Rogelio’s portrait work. When asked to say a few words on Rogelio’s behalf, Hot Body President, John Cross, responded..... "who?". Something his Dad once told him has sustained Rogelio throughout his road in life and he wants to pass it on to you..... "If you can’t make both ends meet.........make one vegetable".

*the name Craig X. Sotres Copyright used by permission and a small fee was paid.