Hot Body Store

Competition Series
Join producer John Cross and the Hot Body crew as they travel the globe in search of the world's HOTTEST bodies. Each volume contains competition and lifestyle footage on 15-20 awesome Hot Body models.

Video Magazine Series
Imagine turning the pages of the world's top men's magazine and you have Hot Body International's look at the new millennium and the sexy world that we live in.

Hall of Fames Series
Spend some time with Hot Body Hall of Fame Girls. These Hot Body favorites are veterans in front of the camera and one look at these videos will show you why they are in the Hot Body Hall of Fame!

Sneaky Series
From the secret Hot Body film vault come 60 minute tapes containing wild footage of models trying to land a coveted job as a Hot Body model.

Purchase photo sets, CD-Roms, posters, t-shirts, autographed Black&White 8x10 photos and more!

Hot Body Gear
A special series of collectibles inspired by the beautiful covergirls of and created by photographer Craig X Sotres. Enjoy and watch for more editions in the future.